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Hi there!

My name is Amanda Hayes and I’m a digital marketing professional with a passion for writing and media. I create marketing campaigns, manage social media accounts, write compelling content and business storytelling, design websites, and create print and online marketing materials. My happy place is sitting in front of my computer with a blank page and a fresh cup of coffee.

I’m currently a manager of digital communications for a local news organization and I am excited to use my knowledge and skills on a larger scale. Please read on to learn more about my background and what I'm passionate about.

Marketing Strategy

I specialize in designing and executing creative marketing and communications solutions to grow business. I love building brands, using both print and digital solutions for an effective and engaging marketing strategy. The nature of business is always changing, and my repertoire of tools evolves as swiftly as the market does; I enjoy being on the cutting edge of business and technology.

Content Marketing

I have a passion for writing. Whether it’s writing news copy and press releases, creating engaging content on social media, or blogging, I love self-expression through writing. They say “Content is King”, and my business storytelling is the epitome of content development. I also excel at copy editing and proofreading; I’m extremely detail-oriented and love the subtleties of the writing and editing process.

Web Design

Whether you’re looking for a new website to give your business a fresh look, or just need updates and maintenance to an existing site, I can help! Whether it’s a simple one page app, or a WordPress site with massive power that you can update yourself, I create beautiful sites with amazing features and functionality. I can also help with SEO to get your business displayed prominently on search engines.

Social Media

Businesses in the digital age need a solid social media presence to stay relevant. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, and it still hasn’t reached its peak. Consumers expect companies to be available by social media, and 33% of users would rather contact a company by social media than by any other means. I can show you how to use social media to increase brand awareness and maintain market share.

My Digital Toolkit

A good marketer uses the right software and tools to get the job done. Employing a variety of digital applications tailored to your business saves time, leverages the channels that will be most effective and gets results.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Google Analytics
Constant Contact
Social Media

Recent Web Projects

My skills as a web designer are inspired by and grounded in the ideals of digital marketing. A website needs to be modern-looking and easy to navigate, with clean graphics, legible text, and strong, aesthetically-pleasing calls to action. It should invite interaction and encourage immediate engagement. Simply put, your website is the digital face of your organization, and you have, on average, less than 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention before they click away. A positive user-interface is absolutely essential to any person, or organization that wants to connect with their audience, from bloggers to big banks.

I have built websites for a variety of different companies.
Here is some of my most recent work.

Professional Skills

A comprehensive marketing strategy compiles many different elements to achieve your goals. I focus on several areas of digital marketing, including data analysis, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media to put all the pieces together and get the biggest return on your investment.

The Stages of a Good Marketing Plan

If you are looking to embark on a new marketing endeavor for your business, there are some things you should do first to increase your chances of success. New marketing initiatives should not begin without first taking these three steps.


Setting Goals

This first stage is where you get together with all the stakeholders in your organization and decide on the goals of your new marketing strategy. What are you hoping to gain? Increased revenue? Brand recognition? Introducing a new product? Try to be as specific as possible to get the clearest picture.


Gathering Data

At this stage, you should be meeting with every department in your organization to get info on your current position in the market. You should also be learning about your customers: past, current, and prospective. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.



Now you need to determine how you will mark your progress throughout this new initiative. You'll need a way to evaluate whether you're on track to reach your goals. These benchmarking sessions should be frequent and thorough so you don't waste resources continuing down the wrong path.

Need help creating a marketing plan?

Are you looking for digital marketing services, content management, web design or consultation for your marketing strategy? I can help! My skills and background have given me a unique perspective on how business, communications and technology can work in unison to paint the most positive picture of your organization. Let's get in touch.